Prepare and perform a variety of verbal communications



In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

  • Prepare and perform a variety of verbal communications


You work for CON-voke, an organization that helps develop and run conventions and conferences on a variety of topics. You have been tasked with delivering the opening remarks at a conference on a topic of your own choosing. Attendees will be coming from all around the world, and your opening comments will need to welcome them to the conference, give an overview of the topic, and set the agenda for the meetings and sessions.


You will need to write your opening remarks, create supporting materials and visuals to enhance your presentation, and then deliver those remarks. Please note, citations are required for this project if you use resources (such as images or text). If no resources are used, they will not be required.

Part 1: Conference Topic: To begin, you must choose a topic for your conference. You may choose a topic for an academic conference based on your area of study, a professional or trade event focused on your career, or a fan conference celebrating a popular genre or piece of entertainment. Read through the resources in the Supporting Materials section to learn more about each of these types of conventions to help inform your choice.

  • The way you write your opening remarks will depend on your audience. You will want to consider the following:
    • What style of presentation your audience will expect, given the type of conference and topic
    • What kind of language you should use to address the audience
    • What familiarity your audience will have with the topic

Part 2: Integrate Visuals and Supporting Materials: Use the Conference Floor Plan document and Proposed Schedules document to plan your comments, and consider how you can visually present these resources during your remarks, and/or create other supporting materials to give to attendees to enhance your presentation.

  • Consider the following:
    • Would it be beneficial to refer to a presented graphic, or would a handout be more useful to enhance your presentation?
    • What other materials can you create that would be useful for your presentation or help to enhance it for your audience?

Speakers can use visuals to enhance their presentations

Part 3: Write Your Remarks: In your remarks, you will need to succinctly present the important information that attendees will need. Detail the purpose of the conference, and introduce the main topics or themes that you expect presenters to discuss. You should also be sure to explain the pertinent details of the space, how to get around, the schedule of events, and any other important details. Your script should be approximately 1,000–1,500 words for a 10-minute presentation.

  • Items you might consider include:
    • Friendly introduction
    • Topic introduction
    • Schedule
    • Map/orientation
    • Thanks for coming
    • Remarks on the topic

Part 4: Practice Delivering Your Remarks: Your opening remarks should be brief, about 10 minutes. Record yourself giving the presentation as you would deliver it to attendees, complete with supporting visuals. Once you have completed this part, review your presentation and complete the Opening Remarks Reflection document in the Deliverables section to help identify areas of improvement.

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

  1. Recorded Opening RemarksCreate a brief video recording of your opening remarks (1,000-1,500 words), welcoming attendees and explaining the schedule of events and other important information.
  2. Opening Remarks ReflectionReflect on your written remarks, and complete a brief questionnaire about ways to improve. This document also has questions about potential changes that could be made, depending on your audience and topic.

Opening Remarks Reflection

How did you organize your presentation to be effective? Why did you choose to discuss the information in the order you did?
What aspects of tone and body language could you improve?
Do you use visual supports to improve your message, or do they distract?
How would you change your presentation if the audience were more formal, or less acquainted with the subject? How would you adjust this presentation to be more culturally aware?
What could you do differently to make this presentation more effective?


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