Did supply chain affect their adopted strategies?

Since this course is numerically driven, the intent of this paper is to capture the essence of integrating numbers into a story line. In other words, descriptive in nature. In five pages, use numerical data to describe the impact of Covid-19 by analyzing a specific event within an industry of choice.  You would essentially contrast activities before and during the pandemic. For example, rather than focusing on education as a whole (ie. as impacted by covid-19), examine one segment of it~ remote learning for elementary kids. You can describe learning outcomes between virtual and traditional face to face models.


  1. Five pages
  2. APA formatting
  3. At least 5 references (do not use Wikipedia as one), solicit information from a variety of sources (ie. newspaper, academic journals etc…)
  4. Include title page (ie. separate from body of paper)
  5. Include a reference page (ie. separate from body of paper)
  • how are you organizing your data (ie. use of tables, charts etc…)
  • is your discussion tied to your thesis statement (ie. problem statement)? For instance, McDonalds which represents a significant player in the fast food industry effectively managed its business at the height of Covid-19. This paper will demonstrate changes to its business practices, management of people, and  selected strategies in addressing Covid19. Did supply chain affect their adopted strategies (ie. did they alter their menu) this is simply an example intended to help with structuring your thesis to be concise.
  • does your paper have flow? Are your thoughts transitioning from one argument to another seamlessly?
  • did you proof read it? is it riddled with typos and grammatical errors? Have someone proofread it for you
  • where did you source your articles? data? did you make use of our digital articles from our library, did you source articles from business magazines (ie. Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fortune etc…) Did you find any articles from USA Today, Wall Street Journal, New Times etc…these are simply examples of quality sources. I would not rely on strictly web based articles, avoid Wikipedia as a source, USE our librarian to help you.
  • the intent of this paper is to provide you with an opportunity to express your thought and ideas, while including numbers, charts, tables etc…look at how articles are covered in magazines like Forbes, Money, Fortune etc….


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