Organizational culture

Organizational culture is the character or personality of the organization; it is the shared values and beliefs that are the social glue that holds the organization together and creates behavioral norms. Culture has been compared to an iceberg because only 15 – 20 percent of it is visible in the form of artifacts such as office décor and layout, dress code, rituals and ceremonies. Understanding an organizational culture requires looking below the surface at norms, values, beliefs and assumptions people have to explain and justify their behavior and actions.

Peter Drucker is credited with saying “organizational culture eats strategy for lunch”. Because culture is important in attracting, motivating and retaining talent, and a strong predictor of organizational excellence, effective leaders emphasize building a strong culture that promotes employee engagement and is aligned with the organization’s vision, mission and strategy.

Building Strong Organizational Cultures Presentation Guidelines

Working in teams of 3 – 4, prepare a PowerPoint, Prezi or PowToon presentation that identifies 3 best practices to build a strong organizational culture that promotes employee engagement; describes, compares and contrasts the cultures of two different organizations, and makes recommendation to enhance those cultures. A well-constructed analysis will reference 4 or more scholarly sources, adhere to APA standards, and address the following:

● Identify and discuss three (3) best practices from scholarly sources to build a strong organizational culture that promotes employee engagement.

● Describe the organizational culture of two organizations identifying visible artifacts as well as underlying norms, values, and/or beliefs; include one or more symbols such as a myth, hero or stories that exemplify the culture.

● Assess the impact of each organization’s culture on the performance and productivity of individuals and groups, and determine if the culture encourages or hinders organizational excellence.

● Compare and contrast 3 best practices to the cultures making specific recommendations to improve employee engagement and alignment

● Discuss 3 – 4 insights gained into organizational culture, the leader’s role in building strong cultures that promotes employee engagement, and/or the impact of culture on organizational excellence.


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