Political Efficacy

Political Efficacy: Political efficacy means that you feel that you are a part of government/political culture and that it answers to you.  There is a growing trend of low efficacy for younger generations; they feel removed from it all.  As such, as part of this class, I want you to get involved and show me that your voice matters.  Visit https://www.govtrack.us/ (Links to an external site.)

This website is useful for finding out about national-level Congress.  You can search for your representatives and senator, find out about upcoming laws and bills, and even look at all representatives and senators and their histories and report cards.  It is a great place to get engaged.  For this activity, I want you to find a bill that has been proposed that your representative and senators have not voted on or sponsored, read that bill and make a judgement on it, then contact the three of them (2 senators, 1 rep) via email to tell them that you would like them to either support or not support it.

Submit: a 3 page document explaining what the bill is and why you chose it AND a paragraph about which reps you contacted and anything you learned about them in the process.

(If you are struggling and would like a step-by-step instruction guidehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t84OaQ3CN74)


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