Political Science

Please listen to the following PodCast.  After you have listened to the Podcast, answer the following questions (below) and then respond to at least one other student post in a substantive manner.  Feel free to draw upon any of the subject matter you have learned in the first half of the semester to support your answers.  You should reference content from the podcast in order to receive points.  If I do not have an indication you listened to the podcast I cannot award you points for this portion of the mid-term.

Material audio link: https://www.npr.org/2018/10/04/654333466/the-central-question-behind-facebook-what-does-mark-zuckerberg-believe-in

1.  Does Facebook merely enhance content and information in the U.S. democratic system, and the world?  Or does it now play a larger role in the development of content?  How did this issue become distinguished within the interview?

2.  Can free speech destroy democracy?  How was this inferred and discussed in the interview?

3.  If Facebook cannot control the impact and spread of “fake news”, should anything be done about it?

4.  Facebook is a private corporation that has a primary obligation and interest in making profit.  Does it owe American and global citizens a larger responsibility to ensure its content and product is not actually harming the rights of people around the world?


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