Research Paper: Mounting pressure on diversity, equity, and inclusion

Research Paper

HR Trends and Its two top trends:

1. Employees want to feel understood and valued.

2. Mounting pressure on diversity, equity, and inclusion


The purpose of the Mini Research Paper is two-fold. One purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to develop your analytical ability and critical thinking skills. The second purpose is to help you understand trends within the field of Organizational Behavior and the policy implications of those issues.


You will select a topic (from the list below) that features a trend in the field of Organizational Behavior. You must address competing perspectives on the issues if they exist. If there is a competing perspective, you must address the prevalent arguments on each side (or many sides) of the issue. If you take a position on one side of the issue, you should show why the arguments on the other side are wrong.

The mini research paper should be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font. The main body of the paper should be 5 to 7 pages in length. This assignment should conform to APA guidelines and include a Cover/Title Page, Table of Contents, and References.

There will be an assignment submission link to submit each paper throughout the semester.

A good paper:

• defines what the trend is about and why it is important.

• presents examples, illustrations, data, or evidence relevant to the issue at hand.

• offers a clear point of view or advances an alternative solution to the problem at hand.

• deals with the arguments on the other side of the issue.

• is written in clear style, is logically organized, and is easy to read.

• draws on variety of different scholarly sources and current news.


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