Art & Design critique

Write a 2-page description, formal analysis, and interpretation of one work of art from a virtual museum online. Visit the museum virtually. Do not use a children’s museum for this project. *Pick a work of art from either Oklahoma City Museum of Art (located in Oklahoma City) or Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art (located in Norman, Oklahoma).

You are writing in an informal manner and are discussing/describing the object with us. Be sure to review the lesson of Description, Formal Analyze, and Interpretation learned in Unit 2. Museum Paper Grading Rubric:The Museum Paper is an analysis paper, NOT a history or research paper. 60 points: If the student demonstrates a clear understanding of the topic being discussed and addresses all required points in the writing prompt.

Be sure to describe the artwork, name and discuss line, texture, space, color and shape, and arrive at an interpretation.  What does the artwork say to you personally?  Be sure that the paper is two full pages aside from the description of the museum. *The museum description should not be included as part of the two-page length requirement. 30 points: If the student follows the Writing a Critique Guide provided10 points: If the student has no spelling or grammatical errors

*Ensure that you correctly cite/reference all information that is not yours!


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