Conflict Management


Conflict in organizations is not only inevitable but is also a key driver for positive change and innovation. If everyone remained at ease with the status quo, societies would not progress in the way that they have historically done. The outcomes of conflict can often be tied to the concepts of power and politics in an organization. Those who maintain the balance of power in a relationship can arguably leverage this power to affect the outcome.


  1. Write a research paper in which you answer the following
    1. Are you a political person and does your level of political tendencies impact your career progression? Why or why not?
    2. Have you ever been negatively affected by a politically charged environment in which you felt you had no power?
    3. What is your primary conflict-handling style? How do you think your style has served you in your career thus far?
    4. With which of the bargaining strategies do you most identify? Does this fit with your primary conflict-handling style?


  • Your paper should be a maximum of 4 pages double-spaced in 12-point font (not including cover page and references). For papers longer than 5 pages, the additional pages will not be considered in grading.
  • Your paper should have a well-defined introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Although you are writing a research paper, you are encouraged to include some personal or first person accounts in this exercise.
  • Your paper must follow APA style format.
  • Your paper must include a minimum of 4 external academic resources.


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