Draw out your family tree

Spend 10-15 min drawing out your family tree and shading in both the people you have fed, and those who have fed you. Instructions on the exercise and drawing a kinship tree/chart can be found here: Activity – Kinship and Commensality.pdf

Once you have completed your family tree, comment on your observations in the discussion forum. Consider the following questions:

1. Who did you include in your family tree and why?

2. Who were the people responsible for feeding you? How do you define feeding?

3. Who did you feed? How do you define feeding?

4. Are there any overlaps between those who fed you and those you have fed?

5. What types of feeding did each person do? Were they ordinary events (e.g., breakfast) or special occasions (e.g., birthdays)?

6. What impact do you observe that generation has on feeding and eating roles?

7. What role, if any, did fictive kin have in feeding you?

NOTE: You do not have to answer all of these in a Q&A format, they are there to help guide your observations. You are encouraged but not required to upload a photo or scan of your kinship chart.


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