Research an existing energy policy

Begin your paper by selecting and researching an existing US energy policy.  Examples include the Energy Independence and Security Act, the Federal Energy Management Program’s (FEMP) Energy Incentive Program, the Clean Air Act, etc. Then write a 400- to 600-word essay that addresses the following:

  • Describe your selected policy and why the policy was enacted.
  • Explain how well the policy has produced its desired outcome.
  • Discuss its impact on associated technology.
  • Describe any seemingly unintentional consequences that have accompanied its implementation.

Strictly adhere to the 400- to 600-word limit (not including the Title and References Page(s)), follow APA guidelines, and support your work using a minimum of three reputable sources (your textbook may be used as one of the sources).


Now that you have selected an energy policy, construct an annotated bibliography consisting of 12 reputable journal articles.  Include at least three articles for each of the following areas as it pertains to the policy you have selected:

  • Achievement of intended outcome
  • Influence on technology
  • Unintended consequences

Include a Title Page that identifies your selected policy.  Use the three areas listed above as first level headings.  List each annotated article under its corresponding heading in alphabetical order.  If an article applies to more than one area, list it under the area that is most applicable.  Each annotation in your bibliography should consist of two paragraphs: a summary of the article (100 – 150 words) and a description of the authors (100 – 150 words).

Visit the Sample APA Annotation (Links to an external site.) section at to see how each article should be referenced and how the corresponding annotation should be formatted.


You have now selected an energy policy and constructed an annotated bibliography.  It’s now time to take the next step toward completing your Energy Policy Paper. Construct an annotated outline using the following main headings:

  • Introduction
  • Policy Basis
  • Achievement of Intended Outcome
  • Influence on Technology
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Summary

Add applicable subheadings in sections II through V.  Annotate each main heading and subheading with one or two sentences.  Provide an in-text citation for each annotation and finalize your outline with a Title Page and References Page(s).

For an example of the type of annotations expected, review the ‘Full Sentence Outline (Links to an external site.)’ [PDF, File Size 66 KB] section at


You are now ready to construct your final paper.  Using your annotated bibliography  and annotated outline, construct your final paper on the energy policy you have selected. Include a Title Page, 100 to 150 word Abstract, and References Page(s).  The paper should follow APA guidelines, be 5 to 7 pages in length (not including Title, Abstract, and References Page(s)), and reference 12 reputable sources.


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