What are “crypto-economics”?

What are “crypto-economics”?

9. Is Ethereum a public or a private blockchain (bonus: explain why it is / is not private)?

10. Are Ethereum and Hyperledger the same or different blockchain offerings (briefly list any differences and any similarities)?

11. Profit is the only reason to launch a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (yes, or no)?

12. What is a cryptocurrency (define it in your own words)?

13. What is Proof of Work?

14. What is Proof of Stake?

15. What is the difference between Proof of Stake and Proof of Work?

16. Blockchain is not immutable?

17. What is immutability (bonus: explain why immutability is important)?

18. How does blockchain create and prove immutability?

19. On a public blockchain, like Ethereum, everyone will see and know your name?


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