What is the history of the recipe?

What to cover:

  1. Choose a family recipe. The only requirement is that you are familiar with its preparation (that does not necessarily mean you have made the recipe before, but that you know, or can find out, the steps in its creation). Spend some time thinking about why you have chosen this recipe. Do some preliminary research on the history, ingredients, etc.
  2. Provide a thorough description of the recipe. Consider the following questions:
    • What are the ingredients? When/where/how are they found?
    • How is the recipe prepared? If it is a secret family recipe, be sure to discuss the reasons why it is a secret.
    • What aspects of the recipe are essential to its preparation (i.e. what ingredients or steps cannot be left out)? Why?
  3. Provide a discussion and analysis of the recipe. Consider the following questions (not all may be applicable):
    • What is the history of the recipe? Where did it come from/originate? Whose recipe is it? How has the recipe evolved?
    • Consider researching the origin of one or two of the key ingredients in your recipe. Discuss the importance of the ingredient(s) to the recipe.
    • What is the global/regional/cultural significance of the recipe?
    • How is the recipe served? When is it made? Are there any economic, social, symbolic, and/or political aspects to the recipe?
    • Explore the importance of the recipe for you and your family, and when you eat it together. A brief description of your family background may be required.
    • Have you ever made this recipe? What has your experience been?
    • Why is this recipe important to you and/or your family? Are there any significant anecdotes or memories involving the recipe?
    • Are there different versions of this recipe? How do they differ? What is the significance of the variations?


  • You are not expected to provide every detail in existence about the ingredients or the recipe, but should still be thorough in your research and discussion.
  • It is expected that you will conduct college-level research (using a minimum of 3-4 sources) – properly referenced and cited with an accurate Works Cited page


  • Essay format; 1000-1500 words in length (submissions short of minimum required length will be penalized 1 mark for every 250 words the assignment is short). Please include word count at the end of the paper.
  • 12-point font (Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman); 1 inch margins
  • APA or MLA style of formatting, in-text citations, and works cited lists
  • Feel free to use (properly cited) images, maps, etc. Be creative!


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