Create a 3-dimensional process model

Overview of the Simulation Project

In this project, you will work with your team on constructing a model for CVS pharmacy’s order fulfilment process. You will be using information from Case Study 2 on CVS prescription fulfilment to model its process using AnyLogic software. The model should represent the order fulfilment process as described in the case and should be a runnable model (can run in the software). You will also provide a report on this project as part of the required submissions. The project consists of four parts as described below.

Required Materials

Software (Free Personal Learning Edition)

AnyLogic 7. (n.d.). AnyLogic 7.

Free ebook

Grigoryev, I. (2014). AnyLogic 7 in three days: A quick course in simulation modeling.


McAfee, A. (2005). Pharmacy service improvement at CVS (A). Harvard Business School.


Plan the flow of information, materials, and service provision in a pharmaceutical environment

Model a service business process using AnyLogic 7

Optional: create a 3-dimensional process model

Instructions for Project Part 3

Use AnyLogic 7 to model the CVS prescription fulfilment process as described and illustrated in Case Study 2 of the course (McAfee, A. (2005). Pharmacy service improvement at CVS (A). Harvard Business School.

I have also attached the case study 2

The report should be of 7-8 pages


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