Discuss customer value

Running head: Organisational Behaviour & Leadership

Preparation for Final Paper

For this assignment, you will be discussing customer value and what can influence it.

  • Start by defining organizational development in your own words. What was your understanding of organizational development prior to this week’s reading? After defining this in your own words, describe how your definition has changed as a result.
  • Next, describe the process of change management and why it is important to organizational development. What is involved? What needs to be done? Who needs to be involved?
  • Your next step will be to identify five reasons that employees tend to resist change in an organization and provide at least one solution for each reason. How can management and leadership minimize the negative impacts of change on an organization?
  • Finally, conclude with a summary of how a culture of change and acceptance can be established and why this matters.

Your paper must include:

  • A title page and reference page formatted according to APA
  • At least two citations per page.
  • A minimum of three outside references
  • A minimum of six pages of content formatted according to APA.


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