Ecology quiz

Ecology questions. Thanks

1) The oldest form of communication is likely auditory communication.

Select one:True/ False

2) When species are closely related, their communication is nearly identical.

Select one:True/ False

3) Which of the following is NOT considered a form of tactile communication? (select all that apply)

a. rubbing of wings together to make chirping noises in crickets

b. changes in heat on certain body parts in honeybees

c. licking clubs in wolves

d. breaching in humpback whales

e. grooming or parasite removal in primates

4’ The conflict between parents and offspring often arises because they place different values on siblings in the same group. In other words, parents value the sisters and brothers of a focal offspring differently than the focal offspring values its sisters and brothers.

Select one:True/ False

5) Which of the following is a NOT a likely reason that brood reduction likely evolved?

a. Uncertainty of resources available to parent and offspring at the time of hatching/birth

b. Asymmetry of allocation of resources due to sibling rivalry

c. Uncertainty of paternity (cuckoldry) or maternity (nest parasitism)

d. Uncertainty of health (fitness) of individual offspring

e. One offspring is super annoying


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