English poem

Write 1-2 page Poetry Analysis Essay MLA format.

  • Develop a strong, clear thesis statement that articulates the message in the poem you have chosen.  Your thesis statement should answer this question:  What is this poem about?  Your essay should then support that thesis.
  • Explain your ideas about the poem in a well-organized essay.  Compose body paragraphs that effectively support your interpretation of the poem and explain how the poem conveys this message.  Consider “Poetry Terms” and the poem’s speaker, audience, setting, plot, structure, imagery, diction, language, tone, sounds, rhythms, etc.  It is often helpful to divide the poem into more accessible parts, though you should not depend solely on the poem’s superficial structure for your essay’s organization
  • Check that you have an introduction that charts your key points and makes obvious your thesis.
  • Check that you have a conclusion that brings closure to your essay.
  • Quote or paraphrase the poem, your primary source, to support your thesis, and correctly integrate your quotes.  List your poem on a Works Cited page and format your paper according to MLA style.  You may incorporate secondary sources into your paper to support your thesis, but because this essay is about your thoughts they are not required.
  • Proofread for grammar, spelling, word choice, wordiness, transitions, sentence structure, verb tense, academic tone (for example, avoid slang and contractions), length, and following assignment directions.
  • Compose a creative, compelling title that communicates to your audience what your essay is about
  • .https://poets.org/poem/nothing-gold-can-stay


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