Establishing a reward and motivation program for an organization


For this assignment, you will be establishing a reward and motivation program for an organization of your choice.

·       Start by identifying an existing organization that you create a reward and motivation program for. This can be any organization as even if they currently have an existing reward and motivation program you can propose a new one.

·       Next, provide some background information on the company. What does the business do? How many employees do they have? How many offices are there?

·        You will then propose a minimum of 5 rewards that can be used to increase motivation. This can be things such as performance bonuses or weekly raffles. However, for each reward provide a minimum of one paragraph justifying how that specific reward can not only motivate employees but can also help to improve performance.

·       Conclude with a summary of expected outcomes from the new program.

Your paper must include:

·       A title page and reference page formatted according to APA

·       At least two citations per page.

·       A minimum of three outside references

·       A minimum of three pages of content formatted according to APA.


A.    Mullins, L.J (2007). Management and Organisational Behaviour (8th Edition). Prentice Hall: London.


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