Film analysis

For this assignment, you will choose a movie that illustrates one or more philosophical themes, and write a 1200 word essay that identifies and discusses them.  They may be metaphysical, cosmological, religious, ethical, or social themes or a combination of them, and you will be considering these themes from a critical, theoretical perspective.  Look to reference the specific theories and concepts we have studied, and the philosophers who developed them, in order to demonstrate your understanding of the theories and how they have been applied in the film.  You may also discuss a television series that meets the criteria of containing philosophical themes.

You will find many internet resources to assist you in selecting a philosophical film or television series and analyzing it from its philosophical perspectives.  During this course, each unit has also provided you with film or TV suggestions for consideration.  Review the Readings and Resources section of the unit overviews to assist you in making your film choice.


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