Global crime

A Bloody Week in Ciudad Juarez: A cartel killer tells all – YouTube

Strain Theory and “Deviance” (

Losing marijuana business, Mexican cartels push heroin and meth – The Washington Post

Part 1

  1. What is strain theory? How does it relate to the discussion this week on the rise of informal economies and the global drug trade (particularly in the context of Mexico)?
  2. What is the main argument in the “Marijuana Business” article?
  3. How has marijuana legalization in the US disrupted the Mexican marijuana market?
  4. What are the pros and cons of this disruption (in other words, what is both good and bad about how US marijuana legalization has disrupted the Mexican marijuana market?)
  5. Having seen a visual of what the drug war looks like in Mexico, what are your thoughts on whether or not the legalization of other drug markets in the US could impact other global drug markets? (in other words, do you think that if other drugs were legalized in the US–like heroin , meth or cocaine– that drug production and trafficking of those other drugs would be impacted globally?)
  6. How can you relate this article and the author’s argument to things you’ve read in the eText, powerpoints or other resources about global crime?


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