Health & Medical


  • Initial Posting:   Begin your post by restating the topic.  Expectations: Discussion Postings/Written Work
  • Response Posting:  Respond to one of your classmate’s postings following the above guidelines.
  • Formatting:  All references are to be formatted using APA 7th ed. style. (Links to an external site.) min 3 references
  • Grading:  Total discussion points = 100 (initial and response) – see grading rubric

Many cultures provide alternative models or service supports as part of their caring culture (e.g. doula, promotora, medicine man, shaman, etc.).  As health care moves to more person-centered models and approaches, community, family, and culturally-based healing and health support systems will become increasingly important.  It what way is person-centered care different from patient-centered care, and what does it mean to


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