Language development in children

Observation Description

You will observe and write a detailed description of a child as viewed by you, the researcher. You will select and report on a child in the age range of 3 – 5 years old (preschool-age).

Your observation report will have two sections, Introduction and Cognitive Development. This is what your submission will include:

  • APA style title page
  • Observation report with two sections
  • APA style reference page
  • A Case Study Permission Form

Here are the two sections you will include in your report:


Include the following descriptors:

Give the child’s name, age, and a brief description of physical appearance.

Describe the child’s environment at home and childcare/school. Including family members living in the home.

Describe characteristics that identify the socioeconomic status of the child’s family. Instead of reporting income, report items such as parents’ education level, housing and neighborhood, current job, etc. Do not ask the family any personal income questions!

Tell why you have chosen this child.

Cognitive Development

Describe the child’s cognitive development from your observations and other sources, such as parents, teachers, grades, etc.

Include any observations about the child’s memory, attention, etc.

Provide examples of the child’s language development. What evidence do you see that indicates the child understands spoken language? How does she express herself?

Discuss the child’s literacy skills (reading, composition, math, technology).


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