Legality and public policy

Complete the following questions on legality and public policy:

  1. The state of Maine requires that all plumbers must be licensed in order to contract for residential work. Route 128 Plumbing was hired to install a plumbing system for a new home that the Lazzaro family was building. Wilson was scheduled to do the work but unfortunately his license expired, and he was unable to renew the license due to the pandemic. Wilson’s boss, Mitchell, stepped in to perform the work instead. When the job was finished, the Lazzaro family refused to pay claiming that Wilson was not licensed.  Route 128 claimed that the company was entitled to their money for the job.  What is the outcome?
  2. Diane was scheduled for a surgical procedure. At her required doctor’s appointment before surgery, Diane was given several documents to sign including one that indicated that it was an arbitration agreement.  Diane was given the opportunity to review all of the documents and to ask questions.  She was also given the option of taking the documents with her to review before signing.  Even with these options, Diane signed the documents without reading them.  After her surgery, Diane was disappointed in the results and filed a lawsuit against the surgeon.  The surgeon claimed that based on the documents Diane signed; her only option for a remedy was arbitration.  Diane objected and said that the agreement was unconscionable.  What is the outcome?


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