Research: Indigenous People: US and State

  1. Identify your target population (for instance, age or other demographic, aggregate population); this must be in your city or state.
  2. Discuss population-based health education interventions for your target population that is aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality for the problem. Be sure to review the research literature and HP2020 for interventions.
  3. Identify how and what data for interventions is being tracked. A minimum of three (3) scholarly literature references must be used.
  4.  In a four (4) page paper, address the following:
    • Identify the problem in the introduction section.
    • Provide an overview of the problem in your state/national.
    • Review of descriptive epidemiological and demographic data on mortality/morbidity and risk.
    • HP2020:  Present the goal, overview and objectives of Healthy People 2020 for the paper topic.
    • Population level prevention and health promotion review. Describe population and/or primary health care focused interventions. Use of scholarly literature and HP2020 is required.  There should be direct correlation to evidence for all strategies.


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