Social Psychology

Part 1: Visit Campus Library and find three articles of interest to you from a general area in psychology (Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, etc). Develop an annotated bibliography using the UAGC Writing Center’s (Links to an external site.) template putting all citations/sources in APA 7th ed. format, and conclude with a summation of the topic overall based on the information from all three articles. Save this as a word document.

Part 2: In your initial post, reflect on the process of finding the articles:

  • What specific issues did you encounter?
  • What were the challenges in both the research and writing processes?
  • How did you work to overcome the challenges in this assignment, and how might you use this experience to inform future research and writing practices?
  • How were the resources in the University of Arizona Global Campus Library and the Writing Center useful to you during the process?
  • Are there specific additional resources you would like to have for future assignments?
  • Attach the annotate bibliography and summation.


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