Social Science

Board Book 3-10

There are 8 storybooks to summarize and follow the template.

The children’s books are attached in files.

Complete the following document for Board books 3-10: BOARD BOOK DOCActions.

This information will be shared in live class. Keep the format/headings when submitting. Use appropriate grammar and spelling.

Choose a board book from the last 10 years. All sections should be written in complete sentences. Post the following (keep the bolded headings): ATTACH A PHOTO OF THE BOOK TO THIS ASSIGNMENT IF YOU ARE NOT SURE OF YOUR BOOK CHOICE:

Board Book #:

YouTube link (if you viewed a read-aloud):

Board book link (if you viewed a read-aloud or without physical copy):

Citation: Author Last Name, First Initial. (Date). Title. Publisher Name.

Summary: 5-7 sentence summary (5 sentences minimum).

Audience: (who might enjoy reading it—All genders? Can Parents, teachers, large group, individual, etc. use it? What age is the book meant for? )

Indicate One: LIS School, LIS Public, or CFS

Uses: (include a theme or lesson topic, read-alike(s), an activity, and media (video, song, etc…) )

Be prepared to share this information in live class. Keep this format/headings when submitting. Use appropriate grammar and spelling.

Book Board 3

Hinton, S. (2014). Muddle and Match: Imagine

Book Board 4

Punter, R. (2019). Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away By Usborne – YouTube

Book Board 5

Sims, L. (2019). The Three Little Pigs

Book Board 6

Punter, R. (2020). Round and Round the Garden

Book Board 7

Sims, L. (2018).Gingerbread Man

Board Book#:8

Brooks, F. (2021).Finger wiggly Elephants

Board Book#: 9

Sims, L. (2019).Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Usborne Listen & Read Story Books Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Links to an external site.)

Board Book#: 10

Brooks, F. (2021).Finger Giggly Monkey (Links to an external site.)



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