Social Science

Design for Instruction

Teacher Work Sample

Teaching Process Four

Design for Instruction

TWS Standard

The teacher designs instruction for specific learning goals, student characteristics and needs, and learning contexts.


Describe how you will design your unit instruction related to unit goals, students’ characteristics and needs, and the specific learning context.


  • Results of pre-assessment.  After administrating the pre-assessment, analyze student performance relative to the learning goals.  Depict the results of the pore-assessment in a format that allows you to find patterns of student performance.
  • Unit overview.  Provide an overview of your unit.  Use a visual organizer such as a block plan or outline to make your unit plan clear.  Include the topic or activity you are planning for each day/period.  Also indicate the goal or goals (coded from your Learning Goals section) that you are addressing in each activity.  Make sure that every goal is addressed by at least one activity and that every activity relates to at least one goal.
  • Activities.  Describe at least three unit activities that reflect a variety of instructional strategies/techniques and explain why you are planning those specific activities.  In your explanation for each activity, include:

(1)  how the content relates to your instructional goal(s),

(2)  how the activity stems from your pre-assessment information and

contextual factors,

(3)  what materials/technology you will need to implement the activity, and

(4)  how you plan to assess student learning during and/or following the activity

(i.e., formative assessment).

  • Technology.  Describe how you will use technology in your planning and/or instruction.  If you do not plan to use any form of technology, provide your clear rationale for its omission.

Suggested Page Length:  3 + visual organizer


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