Mechanical observations in an ethical manner

1. What steps would need to be taken to collect these mechanical observations in an ethical manner?

2. What role can survey research play in enhancing the solutions offered by eye tracking?

What are the ethical issues of employing such personal observations in retail stores? Visit Eye Tracking, Inc. (www. Under “solutions” locate “Consumer Marketing.” Examine the descriptions and case studies and then write a report about the eye-tracking solutions offered by this research firm for TV commercials, online advertising, and package design.

1. Define an appropriate marketing research problem corresponding to the management-decision problem you have identified.

2. Develop a graphical model explaining consumers’ selection of a brand of athletic shoes.

3. How can qualitative research be used to strengthen Nike’s image? Which qualitative research technique(s) should be used and why? How can Nike make use of social mediain this context?


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