Research the top viral posts

1. Go onto one of the social-bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon. Find an example of a brand that is “doing it right” and an example of a brand that is “doing it wrong.”

2. Find a story that has gone viral on one of the social-bookmarking sites. Analyze characteristics such as topic, timing, copy, pictures, and headline. Try to determine what made the story go viral versus other stories

1.       Question-and-answer sites are all about delivering value to others by answering their questions. Which of the Q&A social websites are most appropriate for your brand and target audience?

2.       Research the top viral posts on BuzzFeed. Identify the structure and characteristics and topics. Are there common threads? Based on what you found, pick a brand and write a sponsor BuzzFeed listicle or quiz.


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