Your purchases and views of brands

Do you follow brands on social media? What is the reason for this? What types of brands are better suited to following on social media and why?

What about the brands that you don’t like or have fallen out of favor; do you still follow them? Carry out research and ask ten other people whether they do, or ever have, followed a brand on social media. What were their reasons for doing this? From your findings, what seems to be the trend and why?

1. Have you made brand purchases based on comments made on social media? Why or why not? Provide specific details. Have you decided against purchasing a particular brand based on comments on social media? Why or why not? Provide specific details.

2. Examine the social media strategies listed in Figure. Discuss each strategy in terms of your personal experience. Describe whether the strategy impacts your purchases and views of brands. For each strategy, discuss why it does have an impact or why it does not. Provide details to support your thoughts.


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